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1Why we are making an entry into companion animal segment?
We are already into Poultry, Livestock and Aqua Health care and Biological segment. Companion Animal segment is growing rapidly and attracting a lot of investment and attention in terms of research and marketing innovation worldwide. In its quest to become a comprehensive Animal Healthcare provider, Globion wants to enter this prestigious segmentunder the umbrella brand FIDOMATE .
2FIDOMATE is a very unusual name. How did you select this as a business entity?
Fido is synonym for dog in Latin, as also there was a dog named FIDO during Second World War in Italy, known for his loyalty. FIDOMATE signifies our endeavor to develop a loyal and customer centric entity, totally dedicated to dogs in particular and companion animal in general.
3What are the challenges in this segment?
The main challenge is to provide cost effective and high quality solutions to pet owners through Veterinarians. Dogs do require solutions in prevention of diseases, skin issues and nutritional balances, along with the lifestyle challenges.
4How do you plan to meet these challenges?
We have already established world class manufacturing base to produce quality formulations and we will extend it to this segment. As a business philosophy, we do not compromise on this. We will launch more products as per the market feedback in due course of time.
5Which all products are you launching in the beginning?
We are launching nine products in the beginning,
Two broad spectrum dewormers: FidoAide & FidoFan
Two skin care shampoos: FidoGlam & FidoShine
One broad spectrum topical ectoparasiticide: FidoStar
One digestive system support formulation: FidoBond
One immunity booster and one liver tonic. FidoBuddy & FidoAce
Product details will be available on this website as well.
6Where all these products will be available?
These products will be available in metros and other cities across India through doctors and retailers to begin with.Subsequently these products will be available online as well.
7Deworming in dogs and pups is a big issue. How do you wish to tackle this?
Yes, it is a big issue because of faeco-oral route of spread to dogs and tendency of the dogs to sniff all the dirt when going for the walk. We are coming out with two products in this range i.e. is FidoAide & FidoFan. One is for the pups and another for the adult dogs. Our dewormer for the dog is unique in the sense that it is an established formulation.
FidoFan for pups is based on a formulation keeping in view the safety requirement of pups. It can be used as early as, two weeks of age.
8Should we go for stool examination of dogs before deciding on the dewormer?
Your doctor should be able to guide you on this because he knows the complete history of deworming and dewormers administered to your dog.
9Ticks and fleas are some of major issues in India. What are your products in this range?
India is a tropical country.So this issue will always remain. We have come out with a new molecule ‘Selamectin’, under the brand name FidoStar. It comes in two variants - 60 and 120 mg. This molecule has not been used much in India so resistance against it has not built up. It has a big range of efficacy.
10What about the shampoos?
We have developed two shampoos namely FidoGlam & FidoShine. One is against ectoparasites and the other is against infections. Both are broad spectrum in efficacy.
11You have a topical application against ectoparasites and shampoo as well.How do you propose to use these?
This decision will be taken by Veterinarian only but our recommendations will be to use shampoo as a preventive measure and topical application for control and treatment. Both will work wonderfully well against ectoparasites in conjunction with each other.
12What about mange, mites and lice which create problems for dogs.
We are launching a broad spectrum molecule FidoStar because of this reason. These ectoparasites will certainly be controlled with our formulations and products.
13Are you launching a Salmon oil as well?
FidoBuddy is being launched on the request of doctors only because it is a good quality source of PUFA. Please see the product details.
14What about your liver tonic?
FidoAce is a unique concept where we have switched over to herbal formulation. Liver is the workhorse of the body and in todays polluted environment, its workload has increased manifold so it requires support that our formulation will provide. The product is highly palatable and produces results in terms of blood picture of the dog.
15Dogs do have a tendency to pick up fights especially during breeding season, which gives them cuts, wounds and abrasions. Do you have any product for wound healing?
FidoHeal is an herbal spray for wound healing which provides marvelous results. You can see the details on this website.
16What all other products you are launching now?
Dogs do have a problem of diarrhea especially in the summerseason.So we are providing an ideal support therapy for that. Please see the product details of FidoBond in this regard.
17How do you plan to interact with doctors and pet owners?
We have a dedicated field force that will be interacting with doctors on a regular basis. In addition to this, we will be in touch with them through this website as well. Their questions and observations will be regularly attended to, on website and through telephone as well.It will be totally customer centric approach.
18Do you have a blog section on the website?
The purpose is to develop a community of dog lovers who treat dogs as their companions. This blog will provide doctors and pet owners the platform to share their ‘Pet Stories’ which will accumulate over a period of time. Overall framework will be techno-jovial. We will request our stakeholders to share the stories through ‘Contact’ feature of this website.
19Will you be handling the technical questions of pet owners as well?
Yes, we are aware that some pet owners do not have easy access to a veterinarian. So we will tackle their technical questions through our panel of doctors. It will be done within a reasonable time frame. In future, we may add feature in our website to direct them to doctors in their area as well.