My puppy has loose motions!

Deworming of Dogs
November 6, 2018
Dog Skin Allergy
February 8, 2019
Puppy loose motion can be stressful and messy. It is the most common issue for puppies and pet parents need to be familiar with the symptoms and preventive measures so that it can be handled well. The recent instance of puppy diarrhoea that I dealt was of Mrs.  Ranjit who came to my clinic for the first time. She had just moved to this city, as her husband got posted here. She brought a six months old, golden color, male Labrador which she purchased in the last city. I saw the card of the pup. He has been dewormed and vaccinated on a regular basis. It is very important to understand the triggers for puppy diarrhoea so that one can address the issue. She told me that the pup was uncomfortable during the train journey. They had to give him running water for drinking and after that, the puppy developed loose motions, at least four times a day and this was happening since last two days. The pup was dull and skin fold test clearly indicated that the pup was partially dehydrated and that is the reason that the pup lost energy. “The pup is just not alright ….since the time we have moved from the last city ….in the train he travelled in the guards' room and not with us.” I understood immediately. “Shera was suffering from separation anxiety, you just put him away in the guard’s room, and it must be his first time?” “Yes, it was the first time but are these dogs so sensitive to separation?” “You kept him as a VIP in your house and suddenly you changed his entire environment, even if for 24 hours, moreover you have running water which was not filtered one, I am not sure what sort of water it was, but gut integrity is certainly compromised, it looks like he has picked up some infection as well” I checked up the temperature and it was normal. Mrs. Ranjit felt relieved. “How many times he has gone for stools today?” “This is just half day and he has already done it twice.” “What was the color of stool?” “It was light yellow with a lot of white material with it, virtually watery.” “What all he has eaten since last 24 hours?” “We have given him milk and  raw eggs only” “Madam, please do not give him any milk, just give him some curd, banana, boiled egg only. You can prepare a fresh mesh and give it to him at least four times a day in smaller quantities, but more than that his hydration is more important. Right now, I am giving him one dose of oral rehydration therapy along with puppy probiotics to maintain gut integrity. You repeat it at least three times, total four times a day. By tomorrow evening, your pup will be alright but please do not increase the quantity of food today, just increase it by 15 per cent tomorrow. Let me know the consistency of the stool in the evening. Let him have adlib water, and he should be allowed to take it as and when he wants it. Please spend some time with the pup so that he is assured that you are not going to leave him.” The lady gave me a call in the evening and consistency of the stool had improved. The puppy loose motion has stopped. ‘Thank you’ note from Mrs. Ranjit was received on the following day.