My Dog Has Developed Skin Rashes

How to remove and control ticks in dogs
February 8, 2019

Dog skin rash is quite common and most common reason is allergies. This is a real story of a Labrador which came to my hospital.

There were a lot of skin rashes on the back of the dog, the dog had really scratched violently and hair coat in the affected area had gone off.

The lady who accompanied the dog was literally in tears.

"Doctor, you cannot imagine how violently he has been scratching his skin, you see even hair coat has gone off. This has been happening since morning?"

"Madam, tell me where all the dog has been since yesterday." I just asked the open question.

"We had got a lot of relatives in our house, this is the month of March, all the relatives including children had gone out in the forest area yesterday for a good picnic, however since the time we came back - PIKU has been very uncomfortable and scratching badly."

I examined the dog, it had been bitten very badly by the fleas. The skin had reacted to the bite and lot of rashes erupted.

I told the reason of rashes to the lady.

"But I do not see any flea or any other parasite now"

"Madam, flea bite took place when the dog went to jungles along with the picnic party, now what you see is not the bite but the reaction of the body against that bite because flea saliva has got allergens and causes severe allergy in the skin of the dog and dog scratches due to irritation."

"What do we do now"

"I will prescribe some anti-allergic medicines, and in addition to that local cream, and SPOT ON against fleas. He should be able to sleep tonight but be careful in future"

"Doctor, this is forest area, some animals are always there, what do we do on regular basis."

Please do not miss out on SPOT ON, it will be effective for one month. In addition, you can use anti-flea shampoo once in 10 days. The requirement is to be very regular in treatment, so the dog is continuously protected.

So many of the pet parents miss out on the continuity of anti-flea or anti-tick treatment. Care for your pet means care for you and others in the family.

I met the lady and the pet after three days and the dog and pet parent both were happy.