How to remove and control ticks in dogs

Dog Skin Allergy
February 8, 2019
My Dog Has Developed Skin Rashes
February 8, 2019

This was the Labrador, male and three years old who landed up in my clinic on a week-end with a worried pet parent, an elderly lady. She was very much worried about the health of her dog who was scratching very badly.

This dog had come to the lady about a week back from a relative who had just gone abroad.

I examined the dog and asked her if she has seen any tick or flea on the dog. She replied in the negative.

I put the dog on the examination table and showed her the partially engorged ticks, just below the ear, below the tail and between the toes. I showed her that there are other places in the body like, near the eye, armpits and on the necks where these ticks can be found.

“This dog is going to be with me for about three months as I have volunteered to keep it with me, I want it to be healthy. I am staying in the flat in a society. We have green open areas in the society and I take the dog for the walk there.”

I got the clue.

“Can you tell me how to remove the tick?”

I got the tweezers, opened the hair around tick and applied tweezer just below the mouth parts gently and kept the mild pressure on for a while. After a while, tick loosened the grip, I got hold of it and put it in alcohol. I cleaned the bite area with an antiseptic.

“You mean to say that I will have to do this exercise daily, it is very time consuming?”

“You mean to say that I will have to do this exercise daily, it is very time consuming?”

She was visibly relieved.

I told her as she departed “Madam, daily examination of dog specially after morning walk is a must and will help you to save your dog from lot of hassles”

Yes, “A stich in time saves nine”.