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Unique dewormer for prevention and control of Roundworm, Whipworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm including Hydatid Tapeworms.


FidoFan is an efficient and effective deworming suspension for the treatment in puppies and growing dogs up to 1 year of age for the treatment of Ascarids, Hookworms and Whipworms.


A herbal liver tonic for dogs & cats which ensures comprehensive support, to develop resistance against wide range of diseases. Highly palatable and suitable for all ages, sizes of Dogs.


A unique combination of electrolytes with Probiotics, Pectin, Kaolin and Dextrose. A multifunctional approach for Diarrhoeal control and electrolyte balance.


Broad-spectrum topical ectoparasiticidal for Dogs to prevent and control Ticks, Fleas, Biting lice and Mange infestations.


FidoGlam is a ectoparasiticide shampoo with pH balanced formula for sensitive skin which keeps pets free from ticks, fleas, lice and mites. It also reduces skin irritation due to cuts, wounds and minor bacterial infections.


FidoShine is an antibacterial and anti-fungal shampoo with perfectly balanced formula for sensitive skin that keeps skin free from Fungal and Bacterial infection and reduces skin irritation in all climatic conditions.

FidoHeal is a unique combination of specially selected herbs. FidoHeal acts as antimicrobial, antifungal, fly repellent, maggoticide and anti-inflammatory agent. It enhances healing process.

Regular use Shampoo for bathing and moisturization of Skin coat which leaves the hair coat shining, Strengthens skin ceramides & reduces dryness of skin, Removes dandruff completely Promotes Natural healing property because of Neem and Amla, takes care of daily wear and tear of skin and also No Paraben, No Sulphate and No Salts, very gentle on the skin

Mild and Gentle cleansers, Prevents the dryness and rough feel of hair and skin. Increases Moisture Retention giving a supple effect on Hair & Skin Contains active extract of Neemwhich have natural Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties Improves and Retains natural oils and Prevents absorption of harmful chemicals